Sample Videos

Just a few samples of my work as a director. For more examples, including web series, corporates and showreel scenes, head over to my YouTube channel.

Enborne River Highlight Reel

Quick highlight reel for my production company Enborne River. Contact me for any and all of your video needs!

Shokamo “Bless of an Angel” Music Video

Dramatic story-based music video I directed and edited for musician Shokamo, starring Yvonne Wan and Robin March.


Daniel J Brant Directing Reel 2012

Eliza’s Persona

The complete season 4 storyline “Eliza’s Persona” (which I directed) from app-based drama series “Persona.” For more of the series, download the free Persona app from the Apple app store or the Android marketplace.

ReelScenes- “The Strangest of Hearts”

A period piece shot for Emily Swatton’s and Miranda Magee’s showreels. ReelScenes doesn’t flinch at things like costume dramas, so if you want a showreel scene made, give us a call.


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