Sample Videos

Just a few samples of my work as a director. For more examples, including web series, corporates and showreel scenes, head over to my YouTube channel.

Dead Meet

Cleo is an assassin and has been for years. But it’s a lonely job- although you get to travel and meet people, you’re usually putting bullets in them- so she turns to internet dating. Ryan is a nice, normal guy… and completely in the dark about what Cleo does for a living. When her next target turns up in the same pub and threatens to disrupt her perfectly planned evening, Cleo is forced to juggle her job and her personal life, and keep everything from crashing down around her. Is it a match made in heaven… or a dead meet?

With Hong Kong inspired action sequences, quirky characters, witty dialogue, a bit of suspense and a touch of pathos, “Dead Meet” stars Francesca L White as Cleo, Reuben Williams as Ryan and martial arts sensation Dean “Crazy Legs” Williams as Anderson.

Shokamo “Bless of an Angel” Music Video

Dramatic story-based music video I directed and edited for musician Shokamo, starring Yvonne Wan and Robin March.



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